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HoA Cast appreciation post :)

My reactions while watching the new Teen Wolf episode:


Episode: “I.E.D”

  • Violet already cut that girl’s arm? POOR THING SHE SEEMS SO CUTE!
  • Humm isn’t it a bad idea to hide inside a bus? I mean, you’re a werewolf so you’re supposed to run fast so you could run away but instead you got yourself in a bus where she can easily kill you….okay then, i’m…

People who say Christi is a bad mum make me so angry.


She clearly adores both of her children. She does her best to protect her child that is locked into an abusive contract, and you can tell she just thinks the world of both Chloe and Clara.

And she adores all the other girls too. She’s comforted Maddie and Paige, she’s helped Nia with her costume, she went to get Jill when she realized Kendall was upset, she gave Mackenzie a talk when Melissa wouldn’t.

Christi as a Mother? 10/10 would recommend.